The House which grows

Project description


However, these houses very often also continue to expand. After a few years of use, the need for additional space occurs, and the owners decide then to enlarge their homes. This enlargement is implemented in the same fashion as the original construction: the house is nearly-finished, but the façade remains bare. And this process may happen several times.

The House Which Growsis a photographic series which is inspired by this phenomenon, but also exaggerates it. The first image shows a nearly finished house, which, in the subsequent images, appears to be growing, with the addition of new wings, walls, and even turrets to the original building. Eventually, in the last image, the house has become a huge chaotic and shapeless construction. The series is open-ended: although six images were originally created, there is always the possibility of placing additional walls to the façade, so that the house can be, literally, ever-growing.

Current photo

Photo #4 by Nicolas Grospierre

The House Which Grows, phase #4